For many residents of St-Jérôme and the surrounding area, the LOCAS name is synonymous with quality heating, air-conditioning and ventilation—thanks to the hard work and dedication of PAUL LOCAS, who understood what it takes to be a successful ENTREPRENEUR from a young age.

PAUL LOCAS was just 28 years old when he opened his first small plumbing and heating business in 1935, while continuing to do restaurant, forestry and general construction work at the same time. In 1936, he decided to concentrate on heating systems, eagerly taking on the kind of work that others were reluctant to do since they believed it to be too difficult or impossible. He accepted each job no matter what, even if it meant developing new approaches or learning new techniques. No contract was too challenging for PAUL LOCAS!

The Locas Sons Enter the Family Business

The LOCAS children were raised with the same dynamic spirit. Introduced to their father’s various ventures while still young, the three oldest sons—PIERRE, GILLES and FRANÇOIS—soon came to play a central role in the company. Their father realized early on that there is no stopping progress, and so he had his sons study the latest developments in air-conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation and business administration. But, above all, PAUL LOCAS instilled in his sons a strong understanding of entrepreneurship, which inspired each of them to make their own way in business.

GILLES LOCAS Establishes Les Entreprises de Réfrigération Locas, Inc.

While FRANÇOIS managed his father’s business, PIERRE went to work for LENNOX, a major manufacturer of air-conditioning and heating products, and GILLES started up Les Entreprises de Réfrigération Locas, Inc., now known as RÉFRIGÉRATION LOCAS.

Equipped with exceptional drive, honesty and charisma (qualities that would soon become his trademark), Gilles was quickly inundated with business. He recruited others to assist him with the work. His first “hire” was the most challenging: luring his wife Ghislaine away from St-Jérôme’s city hall. What was supposed to be “a little help” with the paperwork turned into a full-time job, with Ghislaine working alongside her husband until her retirement in 2008.

He subsequently hired refrigeration apprentices and mechanics to keep up with the demand. Then, in 1984, PIERRE reunited with his brother GILLES. Since then, they have worked together to provide St-Jérôme with exceptional technical expertise in the area of air-conditioning, heating and refrigeration, along with the cheerful service for which the LOCAS family is famous.

The Team Expands and Embraces Cutting-Edge Technology

Fresh out of CEGEP and armed with a technical diploma in building services, PATRICK GUAY joined the dynamic Locas team in 1988 and rapidly made his mark at the company.

The 1990s brought many changes. Emerging from a difficult period of economic crisis, RÉFRIGÉRATION LOCAS sought to recover by acquiring more and more cutting-edge skills and developing greater expertise with the high-tech equipment appearing with growing frequency on the market. For a contemporary business specializing in air-conditioning and heating, skills in areas such as industrial ventilation, dehumidification, computer-controlled systems and residential and commercial geothermal power are now indispensable to the company’s success.

In 1997, DOMINIC FOURNIER joined the team and immediately established himself as an expert technician of the highest caliber.

The Torch Is Passed On

In 2000, GILLES LOCAS and PATRICK GUAY established a partnership for the first time. This partnership led, in the spring of 2008, to PATRICK GUAY and DOMINIC FOURNIER buying the company outright. Today, RÉFRIGÉRATION LOCAS comprises a skilled, dynamic team of 15 people, including founder Gilles Locas.

A Symbol of Quality

There’s no way of knowing whether PAUL LOCAS could have imagined, back in 1935, that his name would still be linked with quality heating and air-conditioning decades later. Be that as it may, in the early 21st century, the LOCAS flag is still flying high in St-Jérôme.

The company’s current management always bears in mind the values that PAUL LOCAS instilled in his sons with regard to running a business: respect your customers every single day and offer them the best possible value for their money. If the company has been able to keep going strong through both good and bad times, it is because we have never forgotten that philosophy.